qrcodeAs more and more potential customers are using mobile devices to access your website it is now vitally important that they receive a great user experience.

Viewing your website on a desktop browser is one thing, but how does it look on small screens such as smart phones or tablets? It may load correctly but the content is either overflowing to the right or images look way too big and navigation is difficult or impossible, this is because your website is not responsive to different screen sizes.

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sme web solutions builds custom mobile sites for all types of users. Have us design your mobile site based on the content of your current web site. or have us compile an all new site. You will find that we offer features that other mobile site developers have never even thought of.

Whether you're a business, offer any product or service, or even need a mobile site for a limited time for an event, we have you covered with a quality, affordable solution.

Mobile Sites For:

  • Events
  • Info Landing Pages
  • Products
  • Business
  • Personal Use


* Image Galleries - 5 styles
* Embedded Video and YouTube Integration
* Custom Form creation and Data Capture
* Transparent menus
* Facebook Like buttons
* Tap to Call, Text, Email and More
* Themed the way you want
* Custom or use your established logo’s
* Footer for Additional Info
* Fully Customizable Layout
* Multilevel Navigation Menus
* Customizable Contact & Opt-in Forms
* Interactive Maps with Get Directions and GPS Support
* List, Block and/or Icon Menus
* Custom Icons
* Custom Themes Colors
* Automatic Screen Resizing
* Full SEO Optimization
* QR Code Available for Each Page
* Redirect to External Sites
* Mobile device detection script and redirection
* Social Widgets
* Coupon Generator
* Site Search
* Hidden Pages
* Mobile Sitemaps

Why Mobile

Whether it be word of mouth, Google search or scanning a QR code; people use their mobile devices on a daily basis. We will create a mobile site for you and redirect your mobile traffic which are most likely currently leaving your site unsatisfied.


sme web solutions is your one stop place for fully featured custom designed mobile sites.  Have us build your mobile site based on the content of your current web site.  Anyone without an existing site should discuss their options with us - we will tailor a solution to suit your objectives.

Demonstration Sites