About Cloud Hosting

Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in cloud hosting but is it worth it? Is it really a revolution in hosting technology? Actually, yes, it is! The technology behind cloud hosting allows us to have an affordable, reliable and scalable architecture that costs less to maintain and consumes far less energy.

How does it work? Cloud hosting is very similar to shared hosting which always was and still is the most popular type of hosting, only instead of using just one, it uses multiple physical machines to host the data.

If on shared hosting, many user accounts are hosted on one physical server machine, but on cloud hosting, any number of virtual hosting accounts and virtual servers are hosted on a network of physical machines, interconnected to work as one. This opens a lot of new possibilities in hosting. The following five reasons indicate why cloud hosting is better than traditional dedicated, VPS and shared hosting technologies.

cloud hosting

No reliance on hardware: When you host something on a cloud, you don’t depend on the hardware. You don’t have to worry that you’ll run out of memory, hard drive space or CPU power, because if you do, you can simply add more, in just a few seconds. A datacenter typically has many servers with vast quantities of RAM, hard drive space and CPU cores. And if they are all interconnected in a cloud, nothing stops the hosting company from applying more resources to the sites or virtual machines that need them.

Improved Reliability: Cloud hosting is more reliable than any existing technology because everything is virtualised. Your data is stored in multiple copies in the cloud, so if a few machines go down, the rest take over the work and no data or performance is lost.

Infinite Scalability: Ease of practically infinite scalability is one of the greatest advantages of cloud hosting. Because everything is virtualised, you can add, swap and remove hardware components without interrupting the function of any website and without risk of losing any data. You can add new servers to the cloud, power them up and the cloud will seamlessly integrate and put them to work without downtime, no performance or data loss, no hassles, only increased power and speed.

Infinite Performance: This is where cloud hosting really shines: it has a much bigger pool of resources which it can allocate dynamically and instantly between all hosted sites to meet any demands.

Resource and Energy Efficiency: While modern processors have power saving modes, most of the other components do not, so they consume the same energy whether loaded or idle. This is why it’s more cost effective and “green” to have them fully loaded at all times. A fully loaded cloud of 100 machines can replace 500 or more dedicated servers loaded at only 50-60%, which is a lot of saved electricity and capital investment.

As this indicates, cloud hosting is quite a whole lot better than traditional dedicated servers, VPS and shared hosting. Experts predict that in the near future, only cloud hosting will exist, because with all these advantages, datacenters and hosting companies won’t have a reason to accept any other technology.

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