Web analytics tools collect, collate and display relevant data for the purpose of understanding and optimising website usage. This data provides you with the best information about your website to improve business performance.

Technically, there are two different methods of on site web analytics. The first extracts the log files in which the web server records all activities. The second method known as 'page tagging’ uses embedded JavaScript on the sites pages to record when a page is viewed by a web browser. Page tagging is now most popular method and it is the one sme web solutions relies upon. The typical metrics in web analytics reports include:

  • unique visitors,
  • page visits,
  • time on page,
  • time on site,
  • bounce rate,
  • visitors geolocation,
  • exit rate and
  • conversion rate.

Metrics can also provide additional information like email response rates, user performance data, feedback from social media and heatmaps of user clicks on your website. 

Free Service

At sme web solutions we offer free analytics services to all our clients.  Through the use of modern tools hosted on our own servers we are able to provide clients with direct browser access to their real time performance analysis, as well as fully customisable weekly and monthly pdf reports.