Standard Mobile Site Package  
All mobile websites are based on a well featured standard package with a range of optional enhancements and extra functionality at additional cost.
The standard package includes any of the following you require;
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Load speed optimised
  • Images max 2 per page
  • Facebook Like buttons
  • Unlimited Tap to Call, Text, Skype and Email Buttons
  • Styled similarly to your main site
  • Use your established logo
  • Footer for Additional Info
  • Fully Customizable Layout
  • Multilevel Navigation Menus
  • Customizable Contact Forms
  • Interactive Maps with Get Directions and GPS Support
  • List Menus
  • Custom Themes Colours
  • Automatic Screen Resizing
  • Full SEO Optimisation
  • QR Code for Main Page
  • Redirect to External Sites
  • Mobile device detection script and redirection
  • Social Widgets (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Site Search
  • Mobile Search Engine Sitemaps

Your site including any of the above built, installed on your hosting alongside your existing site with detection and redirection

Value: From $295 +GST

Variations from standard and optional enhancements subject to specific quotation.  We welcome your enquiry and will prepare a competitive quotation to fully meet your needs.

See our standard package demo

Optional Enhancements

Description   Demonstration
Menu Buttons are an attractive alternative to list menu's. Available in various colours and including choices from more that 60 icons. Excellent usability on touch screens.   Click for demo
Block Menu enables descriptions to be included within the menu items. A well written description can pique the viewers interest and result in longer time on site and greater exposure of your message with deeper engagement.   Click for demo
Background Image installed on any or all pages can uplift the entire appeal of your site. Very attractive for users and make your site stand out from the crowd.   Click for demo
Accordion is an attractive feature allowing you to break up extensive content within a page into bite size chunks more suited to small screen presentation.   Click for demo
Custom Form & Database allows development of extensive forms with entered info captured within an embedded database.  On form completion the database can send the details directly to you by email allowing immediate action to service your customers needs.  Very powerful business tools.   Click for demo
Galleries are available in a range of styles.  See demo for further details.   Click for demo
Embedded Video can increase the reach of your site. Whether it is your own production or a publically available video we can embed from most of the popular sources ie YouTube etc.   Click for demo
Coupons are a long established, successful sales generator that reliably deliver results. Complete with start and expiry dates, these can be scheduled as far in advance as you want and effective for your predetermined periods. Great sales tool.   Click for demo
Extra Pages - add as many pages as you need with any features from our standard package included.   Click for demo
Opt-in Forms are a great tool for capturing visitors email address so that you can market directly to them on an ongoing basis.  If you offer them great value they will also become very loyal. This is a rather powerful sales development strategy.   Click for demo
Shopping Cart is fast becoming essential for those selling deliverable goods to keep up with the market evolution.  We will integrate your existing cart into your new site so llong as it is mobile compatible. (Availability depends on your cart type.)    
QR Codes for use in promoting your mobile site.  Included in the standard package is a QR Code to the Home Page, however we can produce QR's for inner pages or other properties as you require.    
Picture Icons add something special to your site enhancing perceived value and authority.  Stand out from the crowd.    Click for demo
Custom Icons with similar benefits to picture icons these can make very attractive menu's.   Click for demo
Google Analytics Inject your code into every page to enable site performance tracking.    




Typically we will complete your site within 7 days and often much sooner.  This of course assumes the client provides us with any required content (logo etc) and completes their instruction in a timely fashion.

We will install, commission and function test your site for you.  To complete this work we will need access to your server control panel and/or FTP, and in the case of CMS also access to the Admin panel.  If you have a webmaster who will install for you, we will provide the completed site in a zip file along with the detection and redirect scripts and any instructions required.  If others install they will also be responsible for commissioning and testing (although we will fully test on our production server before sending the files).